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Frog anxiety: a coping mechanism

(2021) honours project

This is the drawer:

12 x object zines

1 x envelope: Rain signals (a)
1 x film roll: Big frog, small pond (b)
1 x gum: Basho’s haiku (c)
1 x paint chip: Canary in a coal mine (d)
1 x match box: Running out of time (e)
1 x tissues: Cimate despair (f)
2 x condoms: On having kids (g)
1 x deck of cards: Golden frogs (h)
1 x bandaid: The chytrid fungus (i)
1 x water bottle: Frog in my throat (j)
1 x birth control: Climate kids (k)
1 x pocket mirror: Opening up (l)

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