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Frog anxiety: a coping mechanism

(2021) honours project

︎ illustration, graphic storytelling, zine-making, layout, publication, typography, print, craft

Frogs are in an internet golden age, being used to communicate relatable contemporary issues because these chill, blob-ish creatures resonate with people. Sadly, however, they are dying off as a consequence of climate change and globalisation. Existing conversations don't really centre in the global south where sad polar bears lack saliency. So how can we use local animals like frogs to talk about the climate crisis?

This is a deep dive into my daily eco-anxiety. This box of comic zines in the shape of everyday objects explores the potential of frogs as an emerging environmental metaphor. Follow prefacing narrations from a frog-elby hybrid character as we sit in the sadness together, bidding goodbye to melting icebergs (so overused) and saying hello to frogs.

This box has two sections. Click to view:

The shelf
The drawer

This work was produced in the Visual Communication Honours degree at the University of Technology Sydney.