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Vertigo Magazine

(2020) publication

︎ creative direction, editorial design, illustration, typography, digital design for socials

︎ 2021 AGDA Distinction Student Brand and Identity
︎ 2021 AGDA Merit Student Craft

Vertigo is the official student publication, made by, showcasing and for UTS students. Each year, a new team is elected for a different vision and masthead. As one of the co-creative directors for the 2020 team, we developed a lo-fi aesthetic masthead, across a bold and vibrant pink, to reflect our boundary-pushing editorial approach.

My spreads often utilised my own textures such as collage, photography, and illustration. Alongside editorial work, I also created comics and designed social media content specific to the Instagram, in visual conversation with the magazine pieces.

Designed in collaboration with designers: Rachel Lee, Karishama Singh, Amy Toma, Sophie Tyrrell, and Jennifer Wen.

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