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(2021) digital campaign

︎ motion, copywriting, branding, visual identity, ux/ui, digital

︎ 2021 D&AD New Blood Award Wooden Pencil Winner
︎ 2021 AGDA Distinction Student Brand and Identity
︎ 2021 AGDA Distinction Student Digital (apps)
︎ 2021 AGDA Distinction Student Digital (digital campaigns)
︎ 2021 AGDA Merit Student Craft

Meet Frank, a digital platform and movement where words have power. Less than 40% of young people feel positive about the future and relating less to the books in school, despite having the digital world at their fingertips. We’ve reimagined Penguin with a punchy, bright colour palette derived from old Penguin paperbacks, loud typography, and a candid tone of voice that allows Gen Z to feel heard or dive deeper into what matters to them.

Frank is communicated through a motion graphic video, in response to the brief that challenged designers to “...reimagine the role of books, reading and authors for secondary school students in the UK and enable young adults to engage with a wider range of books and authors who reflect a diverse and inclusive society.”

This project was designed for the 2021 D&AD New Blood Awards Penguin UK brief in collaboration with Jennifer Wen and Georgia Urie.