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Dimple Magazine

(2019) publication

︎ editorial design, illustration, typography, print, branding, identity

︎ 2021 AGDA Finalist Student Publications

︎ 2021 AGDA Finalist Student Craft

‘dimple’ magazine is about how the relationship between type and the page is similar to quirks of the human body.

This project involved me developing a concept, styleguide, spreads, masthead and cover image for a typographic magazine issue. Of the two different pieces, one had to be typographic-based, and the other, illustration based.

The cover consists of spot printed white ink on an off-white stock for low visibility to accentuate the kinetic element of hand-poked textures and hole-punched detailing. As a nod to the poetic concepts and the idea of individuals containing multitudes inside, I compiled, typeset and illustrated a small insert of magical poems within the magazine.